Friday, March 25, 2016

Weekly Report 4: Israeli- Palestinian Conflict

On the afternoon of Friday, March 25, 2016, Israeli Occupation Forces attacked protesters who were non-violently protesting the Israeli apartheid wall as well as illegal Israeli settling in Bil’in village and in Ni’lin village. These protests had been happening on a weekly basis and were continually peaceful. The IOF used gas bombs containing tear gas and excessive force against the protestors causing many to be injured. The protestors in Bil’in were composed of locals of the area, international protestors and Israeli protestors. All were treated in the same brutal manner as they were attacked while marching through town protesting the occupation of Palestine and the need for an independent Palestine. They also took a stance of solidarity with Belgium people in the aftermath of Tuesday’s terrorist attacks in Brussels in addition to all people suffering from terrorism.  
The leader of the Popular Committee against the Wall and illegal settlements in Bil’in condemned these attacks to the press by comparing the Israeli treatment of Palestinians to the terrorist actions suffered by many countries across the world. These attacks however are happening on a daily basis where Palestinians are kicked out of their homes and property and the Israelis are then confiscating these seized lands.
In Ni’lin, the Israeli Occupation Force also used excessive force against peaceful protestors protesting the same topics. They fired gas bombs containing tear gas at the protestors as well as in the direction of cars and houses, causing many people to suffer from inhaling the gas. Other Palestinians in Bethlehem and Kafr Qaddoum town were injured after a violent encounter with IOF forces who also used tear gas and sprayed them with waste-water mixed with chemicals.

Although actions similar to these have probably been happening for a while, these specific attacks appear to be a fairly recent development in the conflict. I noticed while reading this article, links leading to two article taking place the past two weeks that are essentially the same as this article detailing similar attacks. This attack is just the latest in a string of attacks against these peaceful protestors and shows the brutality that the Israelis use in their treatment of Palestinians, especially those who oppose the way they are treated.


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